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Airscene Awards 2015 – Results

Thursday, December 17th, 2015

Vulcan bomber at Beachy Head

If you are an aircraft enthusiast you are unlikely not to have seen the youtube video featuring the Vulcan Bomber at Beachy Head (as seen in the image above).

The video gives Airscene it’s headline news for the Airscene 2015 awards, as the passion for the Vulcan bomber (in her final display season) resulted in over 50% of overall votes casts going in her favour. Vulcan XH558 received twice as many votes as the RAF Chinook (last years winner and 2015 Runner Up) and places her as Airscene readers favourite Solo Display.

That brings us quickly on to Beach Head at Eastbourne, which is home to the winner of the Best FREE Airshow “Airbourne”… summed up quite neatly by Mrs Paula Borthwick from Peacehaven “Eastbourne Airbourne …an amazing day out … goodebumps!” – for clarification, Airscene hasn’t checked if this is a typo.

Airbourne missed out last year to Dawlish Airshow, and to South Coast Rivals Bournemouth Air Festival in 2013, but there is no doubt that the public loves Eastbourne Airshow, and they deserve to be back at the top this year.

RAF Cosford slip down to 1st Runner Up place as Airscene readers give Duxford Flying Legends the nod of approval this year in the Best Airshow category.

Best Display Team goes (for the 5th year running) the the Red Arrows, although it does appear that the gap between the Reds and the other display team is narrowing – perhaps The Blades will win it next year?

Finally in the Best Aviation Museum Category, Cosford RAF Museum cling on to the top spot, narrowly beating IWM Duxford by just 15 votes. North East Aircraft Museum squeeze out Fleet Air Arm Museum this year and are placed 3rd with 10% of the votes.

Thank You to everyone who voted – these are not industry awards, they are YOUR awards and do provide a valuable window on the public perception of how the airshows and museums are doing. That is not to say that we shouldn’t all as aviation enthusiasts be extremely proud of them ALL… now start planning your visits for 2016.

*For full results please visit

Airscene Awards 2013

Friday, December 20th, 2013

Bournemouth Air Festival 2013

Each year Airscene asks its visitors to choose their favourites from the UK airshow scene. The top 3 nominations in each category are then shortlisted for a further round of voting in order to determine the best in each category.

This years votes have now been counted and counted again and the winners can now be announced…

Yeovilton Air Day won Best Airshow this year, closely followed by RAF Cosford Airshow in 2nd place and Royal International Air Tattoo in 3rd place. RIAT has now appeared in the top 3 for the 3rd consecutive year.

The Best FREE Airshow category has in previous years seen a bit of southcoast rivalry going on between Bournemouth and Eastbourne with Eastbourne taking the crown every time (last year receiving 65% of the votes). This year see’s Eastbourne remain in the top 3 but rather robustly put in its place by Bournemouth Air Festival who have been voted Best FREE Airshow this year.

The feedback from voters praising Bournemouth’s efforts show that they have raised their game, as Amanda Lawrence from Bournemouth states “We have been to every show since it began & it just improves year after year! (Weather permitting!)

Laura Edwards says

Bournemouth air show is the best free air show I have ever been to.

Bournemouth organises this event and promotes it well too. They ensure everyone is safe and having fun.

The traffic is well organised, sign posted etc and the council even make sure there is not a spot of litter the morning after each day on the beach. Bournemouth free air show deserves to win!”

And it did Laura! Whilst the weather clearly has a big part to play, these comments serve to show it is the dedication and hardwork of the teams behind these events which keep them in the top 3.

Sunderland Air Show came 2nd whilst Eastbourne held on in 3rd place.

No Contest in the Best Display Team category with the Red Arrows scooping the majority of the votes for the 3rd year running. The Blades made a bit of a dent in the Red’s popularity and placed 2nd but there can be no doubts that the Red Arrows are firmly rooted in the public’s affections.

Runner Up last year, the RAF Chinook had a close run battle this year with Vulcan XH558, and secured 1st place as Best Solo Display by a margin of only 21 votes. Airscene loves the Vulcan but is not surprised by the Chinook taking first place – the display just keeps on evolving with pirhouettes, pedal turns and nose down quick stops… All that is left to say is Wokka Wokka Wokka…

Finally… RAF Museum Cosford have beaten IWM Duxford to be crowned Best Aviation Museum 2013 by just 9 votes! Cosford also won this category in 2011, however were the only museum nominated that year. 3rd place went to the Fleet Air Arm Museum who scooped 30% of the votes – all in all a very tight category this year.

A full breakdown of the voting can be seen at:

Thankyou to the teams behind the Airshows, Museums and Displays Teams for educating and entertaining us over the last 12 months.

And Thankyou to all who voted this year, and for giving a little something back in recognition of the hard work and dedication of all those shortlisted.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Great 2014!



(Photo credit: BBC News)

Airscene Awards 2012 results

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

Eastbourne “Airbourne” Airshow supporters have votedĀ en masseĀ in this years awards, pipping Bournemouth to the title of Best Free Airshow by a ratio of almost 2 to 1.

Both airshows are always very well received, and are two of the biggest draws each airshow season – to be fair the airshow itself is pretty much the same throughout at each venue. Airscene wouldnt like to pick a favourite – the beaches are similar, as is the weather, and once you have had one hot dog, then you have had them all. Perhaps the secret is in the hospitality, and very likely in the organisation – Eastbourne is certainly very good at rallying its support, calling on the following to tick their box a full 3 weeks before Bournemouth did.

For the second year running the Red Arrows have won Best Display Team, and by a whopping margin – receiving 77% of the votes, beating airshow newcomers “The Korean Black Eagles” into 2nd place.

The iconic Vulcan Bomber achieved the same number of votes in the Best Solo Display category – and Yes, it would appear these were mostly the same people who voted for the Reds.

In the Best Aviation Museum category Duxford Imperial War Museum storms ahead with 69% of the vote against just 31% for RAF Museum Hendon.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, last years winners of Best Airshow (RIAT) were just squeezed out by Duxford Flying Legends. All three airshow nominated in this category are regarded by many (well Airscene anyway) as the Big Three, so the result is no surprise – just 14 votes difference (from a total of 454 cast in this category). Waddington Airshow did not fare as well, receiving just 60 votes – Airscene thinks it should have been a 3-way tie with each scoring 33% – but then who will cast the deciding vote?

Thankyou to everyone who took part, and to see the full results from this years awards please visit:

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