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Thunder Day at Yorkshire Air Museum

Thursday, October 11th, 2007

On Sunday 21st October the first “Thunder Day” will see the engines of two of the Museum’s big jets “powered-up” to herald a week of activity for the half-term break.

The famous Buccaneer strike fighter/bomber, used during the first Gulf War, with its two huge Rolls Royce Spey 101 turbofans providing 22,000lbs thrust, and the massive Victor V-Bomber ‘Lusty Lindy’, herself a Falklands and Gulf War veteran, with her four Rolls Royce Conway’s delivering a mighty 80,000 lbs thrust making the ground shake for visitors.

In addition, the Museum’s award winning Aviation Fire & Rescue Service will be on station during the engine runs with their very latest American GMC 6-wheeler fire engine, acquired from Rolls Royce at Derby.

This will certainly create some thunder and excitement for children to enjoy, as well as, we suspect, their mum’s and dad’s!! The Buccaneer, as a naval aircraft type, will be demonstrating the hydraulically operated wing folding capability, bomb bay opening and air brake system, which is something the public rarely get to see.

‘Thunder Day’ will begin the countdown to next year’s centenary of British Powered Flight, which will mark the first officially recorded flight, on October 16th 1908, of Samuel Franklin Cody’s experimental Army Aeroplane No.1, Britain’s first powered aircraft

This event will herald a week of activity, ‘Cockpit Fest’, from Monday 22nd October to Friday 26th October, during which cockpits of aircraft such as the Harrier GR3 Jump Jet, Meteor, Tornado, Herald, Dakota and even the Victor itself, will be opened up wherever possible for visitors to see inside. So, if you fancy jumping in a jump jet, you know where to come!

Admission to the museum is just £5 Adults, £4 Senior Citizens and £3 Children 5-15, with under 5’s free. There is also ample free parking. Gates open at 10am and close at 5pm.