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Nightshoot – Saturday 21st March

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

In a completely new and exciting occasion, the Yorkshire Air Museum is pleased to announce a public Night photo shoot on Saturday the 21st of March 2009. The event will involve the Handley Page Victor K2 “Lusty Lindy” and the Museum’s Blackburn Buccaneer S2. These Cold War veterans are both kept in immaculate, ground operational condition and during the event both aircraft will be electrically powered up and the external lighting switched on to enable you to experience the unique view of seeing both of these aircraft at night in a “live” condition. This provides a rare and interesting photographic opportunity for the general public and in particular aviation and photographic enthusiasts.

The Victor, which started service as part of the V-Bomber force, but, converted to the refuelling role saw action in both the Falklands and Gulf War theatres, will be trailing its main Hose Drum Unit (HDU) refuelling hose to enable you to view the signalling lights on the rear of the carriage that usually only a pilot would be able to see. The hose will be moved in and out to enable you to view the signalling lights change as the HDU goes from “Stand Off” right through to the “Fuel Flowing” signal. In addition to this the Victor will have its cockpit open to inspection whilst powered up on the afternoon of the event. This level of access is not usually permitted to the Victor and will provide a unique insight into the aircraft, which is fully operational with all systems working as they did when it retired from RAF service over 15 years ago.

The event will be priced at £25 and tickets are available through the museum’s Shop under tickets and donations – see or ring on 01904 608595. This includes admission to the museum, a visit to the Victors cockpit and to experience the view of these two classic British Cold War aircraft at night. All monies raised will be used for buying fuel for these two aircraft to enable them to continue to be run as a living reminder of British design ingenuity and the Cold War for many more years to come. Both these aircraft will be thrilling the public with live engine runs the following month at our Thunder Day event on April 5th.

13:00hrs Victor Cockpit open for inspection/photographs: 17:00hrs Victor Cockpit closes: 17:30hrs Safety Brief in Chapel: 17:45hrs Night Photoshoot begins: 20:00hrs Night Photoshoot ends.