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Airscene 2009 Calendar Competition

Saturday, October 25th, 2008

The final results are now in and congratulations one winning 1st prize goes to Steve Price from Sheffield.Simon Marston missed getting on the calendar last year after a tie with Gergely Grosz, but has made a worthy jump to 2nd place this year, which I am sure he will be happy with.

Ian Schofield and Dean Feltimo have both managed to make an appearance on the Airscene calendar for the second year in a row, and incidentally tied with 24 points apiece for 3rd runner up, in this case I have had to make a decision which entry would receive a prize.

Finally, Jon Irwin is the only entrant this year, who managed to get both of his entries onto the calendar, although did narrowly miss out on getting a prize.

Winners shall be officially notified shortly, and I am currently looking into the possibility of offering more Showcase and Banner network prizes. To see the final results please visit:

Lest We Forget – The Exhibition

Thursday, October 2nd, 2008

2008 heralds the 90th anniversary of the end of the First World War and the 90th anniversary of the formation of the Royal Air Force. In this, the Royal Air Force’s 90th anniversary year it is fitting that we remember those whose sacrifice throughout the Service’s history have defended our ideals and way of life; as well as those they left behind.‘Lest we forget’ is a poignant and unflinching exhibition that highlights the sacrifices made during human conflict. It invites us to reflect on the loss of the individual and the impact that their departure has on their families and loved ones; whilst exploring the invaluable work of the agencies and support networks that have emerged during the last 90 years to bring practical aid and comfort to those RAF families who have suffered bereavement.

The central theme of the exhibition is the necessity of Remembrance. Synonymous with both World Wars, the act of remembrance is as relevant for families who have lost loved ones, whether civilians or Service personnel, in recent and current conflicts, as it was for our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents.

As an act of remembrance visitors are invited to interact with the exhibition by recording their thoughts and feelings on paper ‘bricks’. These will be used to produce a ‘Wall of Remembrance’ in the Museum’s Historic Hangars Gallery. In the run up to Remembrance Sunday members of the public will be able to contribute to our Poppy Collage by dedicating a petal on the 8th and 9th of November, to the memory of the fallen.

The museum is open daily from 10am – 6pm. Entry to the Museum, parking and participation in ‘Lest We Forget’ are all FREE. For further information, please call the Royal Air Force Museum, London on 020 8205 2266 or visit the museum website,

POTY2008 – Theme 9 – The Jet Age

Thursday, October 2nd, 2008

Theme 9 “The Jet Age” is closed and all results are now in. This one was a tussle between 2 entries really, with Bill Edwards and Dean Feltimo both getting a 1st and 2nd placing from 2 different judges, however Bill came out on top with another of his cracking lowlevel entries and getting himself another 33 points and his 2nd win in this competition. Bill wins a Pee Wee Pixel Pocker Rocket courtesy of Snapperstuff.

Dean Feltimo came in second with 30 points and moves to only 3 points behind the competition leader in what now looks like a bit of a scrap between the two of them. Neil will be a bit disappointed I am sure, as his (almost identical entry) was awarded 8 points less than Deans. Neil and Dean will likely begin celebrating soon, as they will almost certainly scoop 1st and 2nd places between themselves.

Gergely Grosz scored just a single point in this theme – just enough to keep hold of 3rd place for the moment, with 5 entrants hot on his heels and still in with a chance to scoop 3rd place. Gergely could still end up in a draw with Dean Feltimo for 2nd place, but this would take a miracle or two.. with Gergely needing to score maximum points and hoping that Dean scores nil!

So the battle for 1st and 2nd is on, and the battle for 3rd place will sure be interesting. Dont forget though, those not in with a chance of a top 3 place can still win the monthly prize and at the same time provide an interesting spoiler for the scraps at the top.

So the leaderboard now looks like this with just 1 theme left to go:

Neil Darby – 169 points

Dean Feltimo – 166 points

Gergely Grosz – 130 points

Ian Hews – 128 points

Simon Thomas – 124 points

Malcolm Casson – 122 points

Ian Schofield – 116 points

Adrian Glazzard – 110 points

Theme 10 “Hover” is Octobers theme, and another Pee Wee Pixel Pocket Rocket is up for grabs this month. So if you have any photos of Harriers or Helicopters that you have taken and want to cause more upset for the leaders, send in your entry and see how you get on. Note that your entry must not have been taken any earlier than January 1st 2007. Good Luck, and I look forward to receiving your entries.