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High Flying Christmas Gifts

Thursday, November 25th, 2010

If you’re searching for that elusive gift which will make their spirits soar once they have ripped open the wrapping paper on Christmas Day morning, why not visit the Royal Air Force Museum’s online shop –

Here you will find a range of affordable, yet charming, gifts suitable for any member of the family at a price that won’t send your Christmas budget into a tailspin. Any young Amy Johnson will immediately fall in love with our RAF Pilot Teddy Bear. At approximately 8″ (seated), this cute RAF Mascot wears a World War 2 Officer’s uniform with life-jacket and retails at a very reasonable £12.00.

Alternatively, a Red Arrows Replica Flying suit will guarantee a month’s worth of good behaviour from your young dare-devils, in the run up to Christmas, for only £29.99. Money well spent. Suitable for both boys and girls, sizes are available for ages 1 to 13. So why not indulge their fantasies of flight and help them realise their dreams of one day becoming a Red Arrow?

Mothers and Grandmothers will be charmed by our exquisite RAF wings “sweetheart” brooch, which retails at £29.99. Manufactured in Great Britain in solid sterling silver, this charming adornment will perfectly complement any evening ensemble. Alternatively, if either lady is particularly health conscious, then our “Wartime Recipe” cookbook, retailing at £4.99, will provide them with a host of 40 healthy, mouth-watering meals that the entire family will love.

Based on the Ministry of Food’s advice on eating during WWII, dishes such as Scotch Broth, Dumplings, Savoury Onions and Coconut Orange Pudding recall the ingenuity and camaraderie of those wartime days.

Fathers will adore our Leather Flying Jacket which is modelled on the iconic RAF Flying Jackets of the 1940s but with a 21st Century twist. Retailing at £150 and available in sizes up to XXL this classic jacket is stylishly furnished in dark brown leather, with a detachable collar and emblazoned with RAF Wings above the chest pocket.

Our pack of Aircraft Spotter Cards, as used by the Observer Corps during WW2, will enliven any Poker night enabling the players to effectively spot Allied and Axis aircraft from the ground or the air. Retailing at £5.99, this affordable gift is ideal for children to give to their Fathers on Christmas Day – trust us he’ll love them more than a pair of socks or slippers!

If money is no object, the Royal Air Force Museum has available a unique item furniture specially commissioned for the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Britain – The Pilot’s Chair. Handmade by British craftsmen to your requirements from either maple, sycamore, oak or beech this limited edition chair boasts a host of refinements and details including a secret compartment containing a verified fragment from a WW2 Hurricane Engine destroyed in the Battle; propeller style under-frame; RAF Brevet and Spitfire carved into the chair; flying jacket leather upholstered seats with hand stitching; a carving of Winston Churchill’s, ‘ Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few. ‘; plus a second secret compartment containing a silk flying scarf embroidered with your choice of Squadron Badge or Fighter Command emblem Retailing at £4,950 the Pilot’s Chair is the must have Christmas Gift for the aviation enthusiast that has everything and is delivered with a certificate of authentication signed by a Battle of Britain Veteran.

By purchasing any of the items above you will be helping the Museum maintain its unique collection of aircraft, medals, films and documents – preserving a vital part of our nation’s heritage for future generations. So this Christmas why not give your personal high-flyer a gift that will make their spirits soar and at the same time be confident that you are preserving our nation’s aviation heritage?