Monospar Update 2015

Newark Air Museum Monospar

In recent weeks good progress has been made on applying the polyester fabric to the complex latticework structure of the starboard wing of General Aircraft Monospar VH-UTH at Newark Air Museum.

The work is being undertaken in the museum’s on-site workshop by museum members who developed their fabric application techniques on the project during 2014.

The innovative yet complex structure of the Monospar wing can be seen through the recently applied fabric and by looking inside the covered wing. As the warmer weather approaches the work will be progressed and a top coat of paint applied.

As previously reported some work is still to be completed on the ‘top hat’ longerons on the Monospar fuselage, but once this has been undertaken the fuselage fabric will also be applied.

All of the rebuild work on the General Aircraft Monospar VH-UTH at Newark Air Museum is being without any working drawings or airframe plans.

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