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Another Puma arrives at Newark Air Museum

Thursday, October 1st, 2020

Puma at Newark Air Museum

On Thursday 1st October 2020, another Puma fuselage arrived at Newark Air Museum’s site in eastern Nottinghamshire, close to the county border with Lincolnshire. This arrival was accompanied by a significant collection of Puma spares.

The collection of donated items was transported from its former location in the south of England, to Newark as part of the museums’ efforts to effect a complete rebuild of Aerospatiale Puma HC Mk 1 helicopter, XW208.

As well as the Puma 9L-LSG fuselage, other significant items that arrived for the project were: a rotor head, gearbox, rotor blades, tail booms, tail rotor blades and troop seats. As with the arrival of XW208 back in February 2018, this latest collection and delivery project was completed by local contractor Gillivers Haulage.

“We are extremely grateful for this latest significant donation of parts”, commented museum trustee and XW208 rebuild expert, Kev Graham, he continued. “The first job will be to undertake an extensive spares recovery programme from the fuselage.”

He concluded, “Once this has been completed we will start refitting the recovered items to XW208 with the aim of making it the first complete Puma HC.1 to be displayed in the UK!”

26th September 2020 Aeroboot Cancelled

Saturday, September 12th, 2020

Newark Aeroboot Cancelled

The Newark Air Museum (NAM) has taken the decision to cancel the Aeroboot /Aerojumble Sale that was due to take place on its Southfield Site on Saturday 26th September, 2020.

This decision has been reached following some detailed in-house discussions; and in response to the legislation changes announced recently by the government, who were responding to the increased levels of coronavirus infection around the UK.

The NAM had delayed sending out the participation passes to sellers as it tried to design a one-way system around the proposed sale. This was aimed at trying to encourage social distancing, but allowed people to access all sellers fairly. Based on observations at previous outdoor sales, NAM recognised that this was going to be challenging. One possible solution was that we may have been forced to request sellers did not put up gazebos and awnings; something that was not perhaps ideal for an outdoor sale of this type.

NAM was planning to use a voluntary listing system to meet our Track and Trace obligations for sellers and buyers attending the sale. However, the recent changes to the Track and Trace legislation, meant that as event organisers NAM would now have a legal obligation to record everyone’s information, or risk a fine. Given the outdoor nature of the event and the challenges of capturing the required information without creating unduly long queues, it was realised this was not going to be a viable option.

Furthermore, a review of the locations that some sellers were travelling from indicated that they were likely to be travelling from areas of the country that were already subject to additional coronavirus restrictions already. As such the trustees felt uncomfortable encouraging people to meet up at a special event.

The decision to cancel, was not taken lightly and NAM does appreciate that this could upset some people. However, many sellers and buyers often travel long distances to attend the event and it was felt necessary to give these people as much notice as possible of our intentions.
The NAM is sorry for any inconvenience these changes may cause but we are convinced that it is the right decision.

Conway engine arrives at Newark Air Museum

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2020

Conway engine arrives at Newark Air Museum

On Tuesday 1st September 2020, the latest addition to Newark Air Museum’s collection of aero engines arrived at the museum site in eastern Nottinghamshire, close to the county border with Lincolnshire. Today’s arrival was a Rolls-Royce Conway engine RC 042-540.

The engine was transported from its former location at Bruntingthorpe, Leics, over to Newark thanks to the generous support by members of the VC10 Preservation Group. As an Accredited Museum, the trustees of Newark Air Museum were able to accept the transfer of the existing loan agreement between RAF Brize Norton and the VC10 Preservation Group.

This is a cutaway R-R Conway engine prepared by British Airways (BA) apprentices in 1981. The cut away engine is powered electrically, with rotating parts, which are displayed behind Perspex covers. The engine is noted for having flown 31,587 hours’ in a BA VC10 and fills another gap in the museum’s extensive aero engine collection. Initially it will be displayed in Hangar 2 close to its off-loading point, but eventually it is hoped that it will be displayed close to the museum’s TriStar CIM at the eastern end of the building.

“We are extremely grateful to Chris Haywood and Jason Kelly from the VC10 Preservation Group for helping us to complete this latest acquisition”, commented museum trustee Colin Savill, he continued. “Based on my own RAF service career the VC10 is an aircraft type that is close to my heart, and it is great that we have been able to secure this Conway engine that in itself was an important part of the VC10 fleet.”

He concluded, “We look forward to being able to demonstrate some of the workings of the mighty Conway to the public in the coming weeks and months!”

Newark Air Museum Monospar Update

Monday, August 17th, 2020

Newark Air Museum Monospar Update

As volunteers have returned to work at Newark Air Museum in increasing numbers, long-term projects are once again slowly starting to receive attention again.

In recent weeks to distinctive VH-UTH identification markings have been reapplied to fuselage of the General Aircraft Monospar ST-12. This represents another step forward in this iconic project, which has drawn positive comments from around the world.

The project is still clearly visible to visitors in Display Hangar 1 as they are guided around the site’s one-way system that helps it comply with its Covid-Secure obligations, since reopening in early July.

A loss of revenue from not being able to open aircraft cockpits on a regular basis mean that the museum has also introduced a major fund raising campaign to help it continue with its diverse range of aircraft restoration projects. Their Just Giving page can be found here

Newark Air Museum Outdoor Aeroboot Aviation & Avionics Sale

Thursday, July 30th, 2020

Newark Air Museum Aeroboot

Saturday 26th September 2020

Newark Air Museum has now been re-opened to the public for three weeks and visitors have adapted well to the Covid-Secure processes implemented around the 16 acre Gateway Aviation Site, which is located in eastern Nottinghamshire close to the Lincolnshire border.

Building on the experiences of this challenging time the museum trustees have decided to move forward with hosting an outdoor Aeroboot / Aerojumble Sale at the museum’s site on Saturday 26th September, 2020.This charity fund raising event has attracted interest from a wide range of sellers and around 70% of the spaces have already been booked..

This sale will take place on the western end of our Southfield Site, and will follow a similar format to the outdoor sales that have previously accompanied Cockpit-Fest. The Aeroboot will be a stand-alone event, with no general access to the main museum site or facilities; these will continue to operate on the current Covid-Secure basis. Toilets will be provided and there will be a catering unit on site; car parking for the sale will be close by, on the northern section of the grassed site.

Buyer’s admission rates to the Aeroboot will be £3 per person. To help buyers enter the event quickly they will be encouraged to have the correct cash available when they arrive. The Aeroboot admission ticket will allow buyers a discounted admission to the museum, but this will need to be made via the new Covid-Secure one-way system that now operates around the whole Museum site. The funds that the museum generates from organising the event will be used to support the development of additional facilities at this challenging time

Buyers / visitors who attend this fund raising event will have the opportunity to search through a varied selection of aviation and avionic items: including books, paintings, prints, DVDs, plastic kits, die-cast models, clothing, radio equipment and aircraft parts. Regular updates / seller’s information are being posted on the news page of the museum website

The Aeroboot sale and museum opening times will be 09.00 to 16.00 hours; with the sale taking place between 09.00 and 14.00 hours; to get the best bargains we suggest that you get there early.

Further details are available on the Events Page of the museum website or by telephoning 01636 707170.

Newark Aircraft Moves In Advance of Re-Opening

Saturday, June 27th, 2020

Canberra at Newark Air Museum

Before Christmas 2019 the Newark Air Museum announced the impending arrival of Eurofighter Typhoon DA4, ZH590. As part of this project a new section of hard-standing was laid behind the Museum Café and four aircraft were moved to the western end of the site’s existing hard-standing area.

This work all took place just before the Covid-19 pandemic was declared and the country went into lockdown. At that time there were twenty (20) separate aircraft movements that were needed to take place to complete the project ready for the arrival of DA4.

As the museum trustees started to undertake the Covid-Secure reviews and assessments for their 16 acre Gateway Aviation Site, it became apparent that it would be useful to complete these remaining aircraft moves before the museum re-opened to visitors. Not only would it mean the museum was ready to receive Eurofighter Typhoon DA4, but it would also simplify the implementation of a new one-way route around Display Hangar 2.

Following the Government’s announcement that heritage sites were amongst the locations able to reopen in early July, the plan was quickly reactivated. The first of these moves then took place on Wednesday 24th June, 2020.

At the present time several aircraft are temporarily located outside Hangar 2, but these will be move back undercover once the Wessex helicopter XV728 has been moved over to form the centre piece feature of a new admission area for the museum site. Also due to remain outside is Canberra B2 (mod) WV787, which will remain in its new display position on the new hard-standing area behind the Museum Cafe.

At the present time the museum still does not have an arrival date for Eurofighter Typhoon DA4, which has been delayed by the lockdown. The current aim is to have the Newark Air Museum site open to receive visitors on Monday 6th July, 2020.

Newark Air Museum Shop Re-Opening

Thursday, June 11th, 2020

NAM Museum Shop re-opening

The Newark Air Museum (NAM) is a registered charity and throughout the Covid-19 lockdown NAM has been trying to generate vital funding by selling aviation kits and books, through its associated trading operation the Newark Air Museum Shop. Until now this has been via and Order & Collect system.

Recent changes to the non-essential retail trading guidelines mean that NAM is now re-opening its shop on Tuesday 16th June 2020. A full set of Covid-Secure Risk Assessments have been completed for the Shop and it will operate on the following basis:

• The Shop will be open on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
• Opening times will be 10am to 11am for museum members and 11am to 4pm for the public
• Only one shopper will be allowed into the Shop at a time & there will be a contact number by the entrance for people to use to gain access (please bring your phones)
• Social distancing measures will be in place and Covid-Secure procedures will be used
• Contactless payments are preferred, but credit cards, cheques and cash will be accepted
• Shoppers will be encouraged to collect kits and books off the displays themselves; but they will be discouraged from opening kits and spending time ‘reading’ the books
• Normal access routes to the Shop will be in operation i.e. off Drove Lane via the entrance next to the Motor Auction Site
• A queuing area has been set up outside in the car parking area; N.B. there will be NO access to the wider museum site, display buildings or café

To help people to decide whether or not to come and shop, NAM has created virtual product lists, which feature photographs of the key sections of the Museum Shop to try and provide an idea of what is in stock. Shoppers are encouraged to email in to request copies of these lists for these main product areas:

Italeri Aircraft Kits
Revell Aircraft Kits
Airfix Aircraft Kits
Airfix Quick-Builds
Tamiya Aircraft Kits
Trumpeter Aircraft Kits
Assorted Aviation Books

For any such enquiries NAM will email out details explaining how shoppers can check for stock availability and request a price for the items. As things start to operate normally, the stock availability will change and NAM cannot be held responsible if an item is no longer available when shoppers arrive.

The museum trustees appreciate that this is not a perfect solution, but it does act as a step towards normal opening and help generate vital fund at this challenging time. This gradual reopening process will also provide important experience to help NAM to evaluate and understand how social distancing measures might need to be implemented elsewhere on the larger site when the museum is eventually able to reopen.

Newark Air Museum Shop – New Order & Collect system introduced

Friday, May 29th, 2020

Newark Air Museum Shop

Throughout the Covid-19 lockdown Newark Air Museum (NAM) has been trying to work out ways of selling aviation kits and books, with the aim of getting the Museum Shop back towards some sort of normal operation. We had hoped to be opening the Museum Shop by early June, but that has now been delayed until mid -June.

However, we will be operating an Order & Collect system from Tuesday 2nd June 2020.

NAM’s initial thought was to release copies of our stock lists, but without a proper interlinked database and an online shopping platform we realised that this would be too difficult, to ensure items were in stock.

So as an alternative photographs have been taken of the key sections of the Museum Shop to try and provide an idea of what is in stock. People can request copies of these by going to this page of the NAM website

There people will find various product areas listed e.g. Italeri Aircraft Kits; Tamiya Aircraft Kits etc. If you decide to make a purchase NAM would then reserve the kit for you to come and collect at a convenient time on the days that we are open – your purchase will need to be made by card payment over the telephone, or by cash when you come to collect the item(s).

NAM has completed a set of Covid-Secure Risk Assessments for the Collection Area in front part of the site and the method of operation is explained on the website along with opening times and days

NAM appreciates that this is not a perfect solution, but it does act as a step towards normal opening and also it gives us a chance to fully evaluate how social distancing measures might need to be implemented in the Museum Shop when we try to open normally.

All profits from the Museum Shop are covenanted to the museum to help fund its on-going development; so rather than shopping online or elsewhere please pay us a visit soon and help support your aviation heritage!

Summer Cockpit-Fest & Aeroboot Cancelled

Wednesday, May 13th, 2020

Newark Cockpit Fest

We have taken the sad decision to cancel the Cockpit-Fest & Aeroboot Sale event that had been provisionally rescheduled for Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th August, 2020. A time that will be only five weeks after when we currently anticipate the museum being allowed to reopen.

This decision has been reached following a review of the latest the Covid-19 guidelines. It is felt that the events would have presented unworkable self-distancing arrangements around visiting cockpits, displays and also the stalls at the Aeroboot.

These combined events are typically our busiest events and we felt that it would be too difficult to cope with any large number of visitors in a safe and secure manner.

Another factor influencing the in-house discussions, was that theses provisional event dates now coincide with a new arrival ‘window’ for the Eurofighter Typhoon DA4, that was advised to us on Monday 11th May, 2020.

In order to give people as much notice as possible of our intentions it is felt that this is the best time to make this decision.

Our current thinking is to re-establish the event in 2021. We will be notifying people via email later today and tomorrow. Some people already have Aeroboot payment held over from the cancelled spring Indoor Sale and the current plan is to hold these over again for an Indoor event in October. Should that not prove possible we will endeavour to arrange for refunds to be made!

We are sorry for any inconvenience these changes may cause, especially to those people and groups who have been working on preparations on their displays for this event for many months. This includes external participants and our own museum members but we are convinced that it is the right decision.

Newark F-100 Super Sabre Repaint Update

Tuesday, May 5th, 2020

F-100 Repaint

Just before the Covid-19 Lockdown Newark Air Museum (NAM) volunteers started work on the restoration and repainting of the North American F-100D Super Sabre. This particular aircraft is on long term loan from the National Museum of the United States Air Force Collection Management Division (NMUSAF/MUC); located at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio, USA.

This work has been featured widely in the aviation press and this has led to lots of questions being asked about the new markings that will be applied to the aircraft once the repainting work is complete. It had been thought this may replicate the previous Ohio Air National Guard markings, but this is not the case.

NAM is now pleased to confirm that the aircraft will be painted in the markings of the 494th TFS (Tactical Fighter Squadron). This unit was the last USAFE Squadron to operate the F-100 Super Sabre in Europe, operating with the 48th TFW (Tactical Fighter Wing) at RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk.

Despite the limitations of the lockdown, work is already underway to prepare the specific markings for the aircraft, which will carry the distinctive LT code letters and the aircraft serial number 063008. As a special honour to the 494th TFS personnel that operated the type a special nose art is also being prepared that will carry the motto “Last Huns in USAFE”.

Some final measurements need to be taken to finalise the size of the markings on the aircraft. It is hoped that this can be incorporated into one of the essential site maintenance/security check visits that have continued by NAM volunteers during the recent weeks.

In the fullness of time the museum volunteers hope to have some involvement with the 494th TFS, which still flies out of RAF Lakenheath; and the also hope to establish contact with former personnel who operated the type from the Suffolk base.