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The Old Buckenham Airshow – Return of a Family Favourite

Sunday, March 19th, 2017

Yoyo - O'Brien's Flying Circus

The Award Winning Old Buckenham Airshow is delighted to announce the return of arguably the most successful and entertaining pilot in history, Brendan O’Brien.

O’Brien last visited Old Buckenham in 2014 where he successfully landed his Piper Cub on top of a trailer moving along the runway. This feat forms part of his legendary “Flying Circus” a firm family favourite on the Airshow circuit for decades. Brendan’s display, aside from being fabulous entertainment, relies on his unrivalled skill and experience. He has over 200 FAI Aviation Records, more than anyone in history. His has a license to fly every type of machine capable of being airborne, from balloons to airliners. His list of aircraft flown includes over 300 types and he has operated aircraft on every continent, including Antartica. Along the way he’s hosted his own TV show, syndicated worldwide and become one of the most admired spokesmen for Aviation flying today.

Brendan will be appearing both days at the Airshow and everyone will get a chance to see his extraordinary antics aboard the venerable Piper Cub. He’ll try once again to land on a trailer, a feat which requires ultimate skill. It’s small wonder that Brendan is the only pilot performing such an act in Europe.

This year, show goers will get a chance to see even more of Brendan’s skill than before. The Airshow will see the debut in Norfolk of Brendan’s latest acquisition, Otto the Helicopter. A fixture in the US, Brendan managed to acquire Otto in 2016 and bring him permanently to England. Otto, in the hands of a master aviator like Brendan, is capable of simply extraordinary and entertaining feats. Otto, by way of example, is the only helicopter which likes to play with a yoyo; in this case a specially made toy with 3ft diameter.

The Airshow is also delighted to confirm that a 1943 Beechcraft Staggerwing will display on both days. The Staggerwing is often voted as being one of, if not the most beautiful aircraft of all time in surveys. Only the Supermarine Spitfire appears as routinely in such surveys. The aircraft is also one of the most advanced for its time ever built. Capable of taking off from small grass landing strips, it can cruise for a thousand miles at 200mph before landing on another small grass strip. The example displaying is named High Maintenance. Once affectionately described as the most effective means of turning money into noise, the aircraft earns her name not least because she is fitted with (and needs) six fuel tanks.

On the ground the Airshow, the EDP Hoseasons Tourism Awards ‘Family Event of the Year’ in 2016, continues to make improvements. New facilities for families, including baby changing facilities are being planned. An improved site layout will add more viewing space and more entry lanes will limit queues at peak times.

The Airshow is also delighted to announce a new alliance with Brasteds, one of the regions’s foremost catering companies. Brasted’s will be bringing their unrivalled expertise to the extremely popular VIP Enclosure during the show. Brasted’s is a multi award-winning catering and events company, with over 30 years’ experience serving royalty, dignitaries, celebrities and guests across Norfolk.

Matt Wilkins, Airshow Organiser: “ The English Language contains 171,476 words. None of them are good enough to begin to describe Brendan O’Brien, statistically the greatest peacetime pilot there has ever been. We’re therefore thrilled to have him back and offer Otto the helicopter his East of England debut; sure to be a massive hits with the kids here as he has been in the States. With all the improvements we’re making we hope to continue to be worthy of our award as Family Event of the Year. “

Old Buckenham Airshow Confirms Another Aviation Giant

Sunday, July 3rd, 2016



The Old Buckenham Airshow is pleased to confirm details of the final acts which make up its largest air display weekend ever on the 30th and 31st of July.

The show has already confirmed the return after more than a decade of the only flying B-17 Bomber in Europe, Sally B, star of Memphis Belle. In a new development another American giant will perform at the show on both days in the form of a Catalina Flying Boat. This 10 ton giant boasts a 114 foot wing span. Designed an built for bombing, submarine hunting and search & rescue, the Catalina is still in service today as a fire-fighting platform. Others are used for fishing in the Pacific Ocean. The aircraft displaying at Old Buckenham is in wartime USAAF markings of the 8th Air Force 5th Emergency Rescue Squadron.

Both days at the Airshow crowds will also be able to see a truly unique act, described as one of the most innovative and thrilling of recent years. It has also been described as one of the most amusing. Noted Advanced Aerobatic competitor Chris Burkett will be flying his Extra 330, a 330hp carbon fibre aerobatic aircraft capable of withstanding forces of +/- 10g. This alone is a spectacular sight. Chris, however, will be joined in the sky by what appears to be an identical blue Extra. The other aircraft is, in fact, a 41% scale model flown by Mike Williams, a multiple remote control champion who has been flying models since he was 9. Mike’s skills allow him to control the model in unison with Chris in the full size aircraft and the resulting ‘little and large’ act has been the talk of aviation for the last two years.

2016’s Airshow features some of the most powerful aircraft on the display circuit; to provide something in the way of balance the show has also confirmed a slightly more modest 145 hp Auster, a venerable WWII spotter plane, still popular as a trainer and pleasure aircraft. The Auster is the final act to be confirmed for the record line up.

Matt Wilkins, Airshow Organiser; “It was a major coup to have secured the first display by B-17 Sally B n over ten years. To be able to add to it with the mighty Catalina is fabulous. Both aircraft are enormous and the importance of their roles in WWII cannot be overstated. They have rightly achieved iconic status and this will be a remarkable Airshow weekend. To further add to these the ‘Extra & Model’ act is very exciting and this mix of old, new and unique means that we will have to work very hard to try to beat this year’s lineup in years to come” Tickets for the show are available online at Forward sales are comfortably above the record levels seen in 2015 and organisers anticipate a sell-out attendance; advance purchases are
recommended to avoid disappointment.

For further information please contact Old Buckenham Airfield on 01953 860 806 or visit