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St George Handover Historic Watchtower to RAF Museum

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

St George, London’s leading mixed-use developer, has refurbished and relocated the historic Grahame-White Watchtower building to the adjacent RAF Museum site.

The redundant Watchtower building built in 1911 was once the centre piece of aviation pioneer Claude Grahame-White’s aircraft factory in Hendon, home to the British aircraft industry and the birthplace of British aviation. Flying from Hendon ceased in the late 1960’s and since then the Watchtower had fallen into disrepair.

To celebrate completion of the relocation and renovation, St George and the RAF Museum are commemorated this further milestone in the buildings history by handing over the watchtower to Air Marshal R F Garwood on Monday
13 December.

Now relocated and renovated, the building sits next to the Grahame-White Factory on the main Museum site. The Watchtower will exhibit displays on the life of Claude-Grahame White, the history of the Hendon Aerodrome and the pioneering years of flights. The upper floor will also feature a recreation of Claude Grahame-White’s original office.

Ross Faragher, Managing Director, St George Central London: “We are delighted to celebrate completion of the works to relocate the redundant Grahame-White Watchtower. The historic building which was once the central part of the former Claude Grahame-White aircraft factory in Hendon, has been rejoined to the Grahame-White factory here at the Royal Air Force Museum and is set to become an important learning resource reflecting the achievements of this early aviation pioneer and the history of the local area, for the benefit of the nation.

Air Chief Marshal Sir John Day, Chairman of Trustees, Royal Air Force Museum: “This building provides a fitting tribute to Claude Grahame-White and the history of aviation in the local area. We hope the building will provide a new focal point for the local community and reinforce its importance in the history of British aviation.”