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Air Tattoo artwork goes under the hammer

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

A unique piece of memorabilia from this summer’s Royal International Air Tattoo is being auctioned this month in support of the airshow’s Fairford-based charity – the RAF Charitable Trust.

The large, one-off framed print features the official 2012 Air Tattoo artwork created by renowned aviation artist David Bent.

It has been signed by many of those who took part in the airshow including the Red Arrows, the US Air Force’s B-2 ‘Stealth’ crew, RAF display pilots, the Vulcan crew, the South Korean Black Eagles team and the Polish Air Force MiG-29 Fulcrum display pilot.

Others signatories include the UAE’s Al Fursan team, the Japanese Air Self Defense Force KC-767 crew and the USAF F-15E Strike Eagle team. In total, more than 280 signatures feature as well a number of colourful squadron patches, pins and stickers representing air arms from around the world.

Giving his seal of approval to the venture, Air Chief Marshal Sir Stephen Dalton, the RAF’s Chief of the Air Staff, also signed the artwork during July’s airshow.

The framed print, measuring 1m x 1.2m, will be auctioned on eBay for a limited 10-day period this month with the highest bidder securing the ultimate souvenir from this year’s unforgettable airshow.

Air Tattoo Chief Executive Tim Prince said the piece of artwork would create a talking point where ever it was hung.

“There is so much to look at and enjoy – it really is striking. Not only will the winning bidder own a highly collectable piece of aviation art with an historical provenance but the money they bid will help support the excellent work of our parent charity.”

Artist David Bent said: “As an artist inspired by aviation, I was delighted to have the opportunity to create the image for the Royal International Air Tattoo.

“The character Ace Mandala, featured on the RIAT poster, is a fictional fast jet pilot that I based on the boss of the Red Arrows during my first year as artist in residence with the team. The original painting featuring Ace is currently on display in Fresh Air, my solo retrospective at the RAF Museum, London – so he gets around!

“By signing and adding their badges to this poster, outstanding aircrews from all around the world have contributed to creating a totally unique item.”

To view photos of the framed artwork and to place a bid, visit for more information. The closing date for bids is October 12.

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Airport launches 2012 Flying Scholarships for young people

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

Record numbers of young people, with dreams of becoming a pilot, aviation engineer or air traffic controller, are expected to apply for a place on Cotswold Airport’s 2012 Aviation Scholarships programme.

The scheme, which was first introduced four years ago, gives teenagers aged between 14 and 18, the chance to embark on a career in aviation and gain experience and training close to home.

The programme, which is funded by Cotswold Airport owner and chief executive Ronan Harvey and run in conjunction with the airport-based fly2help charity and flying organisations on the site, has already helped change the lives of dozens of young people for the better.

And it is now inviting applications from young people in Gloucestershire and Wiltshire with a view to filling the 10 available places on the 2012 scheme.

Last year saw a record number of applications and, based on greater exposure and annual increases since the scheme’s inception, it is anticipated that the 2012 programme will attract even more.

Mr Harvey’s daughter Suzannah, who is a director at the airport, said: “We were thrilled that so many people applied for a place on the 2011 programme and to see the enthusiasm and dedication shown by all who took part was a clear indication of just how much of a difference the scheme makes.

“We’re anticipating another good year in terms of the number of young people applying and I’d encourage anyone with an interest in a career in aviation to do so.

“Not only is it a fantastic experience but it really helps the students take their first footsteps towards what can be a very rewarding career in aviation, whilst allowing them to build contacts and make new friends at the same time.”

During the scholarships, students experience flight, receive tuition at the airport’s aviation ground school, see at first-hand the work of air traffic controllers, flying instructors and engineers and receive expert guidance from aviation professionals.

The programme has already helped change the lives of many young people, and former scholars, such as 17-year-old Joshua Dutson, have already hit the headlines.

Joshua, who lives in the Cotswolds, said the scholarships helped him turn his life around after he became seriously depressed as a result of bullying at school. He now hopes to embark on a career as an air traffic controller.

Meanwhile, fellow former scholar Barney Rowland managed to fly solo several months before passing his driving test, after spending time on the programme, and has since achieved his Private Pilots’ Licence (PPL).

Charity Manager for fly2help Sue Bennett said: “We are extremely pleased to be playing our part in yet another aviation scholarship programme.

“It’s fantastic to see the difference the scheme makes to those who take part and we look forward to welcoming another new intake.”

Application forms are available on the fly2help website or by calling 01285 771177.

The closing date for applications is January 31, 2012, and interviews for the short-listed candidates will be held the following month.

The scholarships will run from April 2 to 5 and April 10 to 13.

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Charitys inaugural flying scholar takes to the skies for first solo flight

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

A teenager, who became fly2help’s inaugural flying scholar, has taken to the skies for his first solo flight, thanks to the support of the programme.The scholarship, which is supported by the Royal Aeronautical Society, aims to provide a young person with the chance to achieve the first milestone in any pilot’s career – the chance to get airborne by themselves.

Following a selection process, which involved a formal application and an interview, Sam Jacques, 18, was chosen to be fly2help’s first ever scholar.

And earlier this month, the excited teenager, who was awarded 15 hours of lessons as part of the programme, enjoyed his first solo flight in a Cessna 152 at Cotswold Airport.

Sam, from Cirencester, says the experience was a “dream come true” after setting his heart on becoming a pilot as a youngster.

He said: “The scholarship has been fantastic. I love flying – you get a real sense of freedom. It’s also great to be part of an elite few who have been able to fly an aircraft by themselves.

“It was the most amazing experience of my life. It was gusting at around 25 knots at times and I had to compensate for that but it went really well.

“I’m in the application process for joining the Fleet Air Arm at the moment and I’m sure this will help. It’s such an asset to have it on my CV.

“I’d never have been able to afford the cost of the lessons but this has helped me so much.”

Thanks to the support of the Royal Aeronautical Society, the scholarship is run at zero cost to the charity and in parallel to the charity’s core aim, which is running Air Smiles events to give beneficiaries, including people with life-limiting and chronic illnesses, the chance to experience the liberation and freedom of flight.

Sam received expert tuition from Flying Club Kemble instructor Bob Hopper and learned the basics of flying, such as take-off and landing, as well as more complex manoeuvres, including engine failure practices and ascending turns.

He says a previous place on Cotswold Airport’s own Aviation Scholarships programme two years ago encouraged him to apply for the fly2help scheme.

He is now looking for further sponsorship to enable him to complete his solo hours and achieve his Private Pilot Licence.

Chris Hadlow, Chief Executive of fly2help, said: “We’re extremely proud of Sam and are delighted that the scholarship has helped him achieve his first solo flight.

“As a pilot myself, I remember what a thrill it was to have total control of an aircraft for the first time and Sam did exceptionally well in some challenging conditions.

“I hope he will now go on to have a very successful career in aviation and the charity will very much look forward to inviting applications for our next scholarship early next year, as part of our continuing programme of encouraging young people to take up careers in the aviation industry.”

Details of how to apply for the scholarship will appear on the fly2help website

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Chance to have a flight in formation with a Spitfire and raise money for charity

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

A lottery to win a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity to fly in formation with one of history’s most iconic aircraft may have ended, but a further place remains up for grabs for one lucky aviation fan.The fly2help charity, which supports people with life-limiting and chronic illnesses, offered two lucky winners the chance to fly alongside a Spitfire.

The names of the winning pair are due to be announced in the next few days and they will take to the skies at Cotswold Airport, on Sunday (September 25th).

However, the charity is now offering another aviation fan the opportunity to bid, via a donation to fly2help, for a third slot outright and see at close quarters the aerial elegance of the Second World War fighter aircraft.

For a minimum donation of £750, the successful bidder will also have the chance to experience a simulated aerial dogfight and a private display by the RV8tors aerobatic display team, whose aircraft are emblazoned with the fly2help logo.

The charity supports families struggling to live with bereavement and disability, isolation or financial deprivation, as well as people who have suffered extreme neglect and abuse.

And fly2help’s Chief Executive Chris Hadlow said all the money from both the lottery and flight donation bid will provide much-needed support for the organisation.

He said: “We’ve had a fantastic response to the text lottery and would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who entered.

“At the same time, we’re also delighted to be offering a third person the chance to experience what promises to be an amazing day’s flying.

“Not many people get the chance to see a Spitfire in flight at such close quarters and I’m sure this rare opportunity will really capture the imagination of aviation fans.”

For further enquiries, please call fly2help on 01285 770821.

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Charity offers opportunity to win a flight in formation with a Spitfire

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

Aviation fans are being offered a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity to fly in formation with one of history’s most iconic aircraft.And by entering a lottery in a bid to secure the prize, they will be raising much-needed funds for charity.

The fly2help charity, which supports people with life-limiting and chronic illnesses, is offering two lucky winners the chance to fly alongside a Spitfire.

To enter, all entrants need to do is text FLY to 70099, and their names will go into a draw to take to the skies at Cotswold Airport, on Sunday, September 25th, and see at close quarters the aerial elegance of the Second World War fighter aircraft.

The winning pair will then get the chance to experience a simulated aerial dogfight and a private display by the RV8tors aerobatic display team, whose aircraft are emblazoned with the fly2help logo.

The charity also supports families struggling to live with bereavement and disability, isolation or financial deprivation, as well as people who have suffered extreme neglect and abuse.

Charity Manager for fly2help, Sue Bennett, said: “This really is a once in a lifetime opportunity. To fly in formation with a Spitfire and actually see one at close quarters while in flight really is an experience to be treasured.

“We’re very grateful to everyone who has supported us and given us the opportunity to offer this fantastic prize.

“We’re now hoping that as many people as possible will enter because money raised through the competition will go to the charity and will help us provide support for those who need it.”

The competition is being supported by both the RV8tors aerobatic display team, whose aircraft are emblazoned with the fly2help logo, and Cotswold Airport-based Ultimate High.

The RV8tors, who have been promoting the competition at airshows throughout the summer, will give the two winners a private display once they have landed.

Entrants will be charged £1 plus the cost of one message at their standard network rate. The charity will receive up to 96p from each text message, with a minimum of 76p from each message, depending on the network operator.

Launched at the end of 2006 and based at Cotswold Airport, fly2help supports those with life-limiting and chronic illnesses; families struggling to live with bereavement and disability, isolation or financial deprivation and people who have suffered extreme neglect or abuse. The charity works to lift the horizons of people dealing with life trauma by sharing the freedom of flight through ‘air smiles’ events. Each bespoke event day, centred around an exhilarating flight, offers a day of escapism, respite and fun for all the family.

Out of this World opportunity to secure a piece of art history

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

As space shuttle Atlantis plans to return to Earth, a charity is offering people an “out of this world” opportunity to secure a piece of art history and help support its cause.

The fly2help organisation, based at Cotswold Airport, which provides support for families and individuals facing a wide range of trauma and tragedy, commissioned renowned aviation artist Ronald Wong to produce a painting of Atlantis’ sister shuttle Endeavour in orbit.

The striking piece, which shows Endeavour breaking away from the International Space Station, raised £2,600 for fly2help when it was auctioned at a Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS) dinner in London, earlier this year.

However, 500 limited edition prints of the painting – each signed by Mr Wong – have also been produced and are available to order for £70 each direct from fly2help, or £85 via eBay.

Charity Manager Sue Bennett said: “We’re very grateful to Ronald for producing such a fantastic piece that has already raised some great funds for the charity.

“It certainly generated a lot of interest at the Royal Aeronautical Society dinner and we’re sure that collectors will want to snap up one of the limited edition prints too.”

Former space shuttle commander Colonel Rick Seafoss and fly2help Chief Executive Chris Hadlow (who was at the Atlantis launch) accepted the original painting at the RAeS dinner.

The artwork was bought by a collector, who tabled their bid for it the same night.

A framed print of the painting also fetched £2,000 when it was auctioned off at the Cotswold Airshow in June.

Now, with Atlantis scheduled to return to earth on July 21, aviation fans are being invited to secure their own piece of history for a fraction of the price.

Funds will go towards the charity which uses the medium of flight to provide ‘Air Smiles’ experiences. The events aim to use the liberation and freedom of flight to develop imagination and stretch personal boundaries, as well as leaving those taking part with amazing memories.

The charity also provides educational support for young people looking to embark on a career in the aviation industry.

You can find out more about the charity at, or call 01285 770821.

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