POTY2008 – Theme 6 – In Control

Hi all,

The final set of results are now in for theme 6 “In Control” and for the first time in this competition our winner has run off with maximum 36 points. Congratultions go to Dean Feltimo of Maidenhead for his win, which also makes him our first winner to win 2 monthly prizes.

The judges had quite a job to do this month due to the sheer variety of interpretations, and I made sure I pushed the judges to base their voting on theme interpretation along with image quality.

In trying to keep variety, theme 7 is entitled “The Public” – this could be Airshow crowd shots, individuals, or waiting in a queue of cars, or perhaps even an airport terminal crowd shot. You may even come up with some ideas of your own, but this is going to be tough and snap shots simply will not do!

The prize for this theme is ThinkTANK Photo Pee Wee Pixel Pocket Rocket courtesy of Snapperstuff Ltd. If you think you are good enough… Good Luck, and I look forward to your entries.

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