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Gas Bags to Super Zeppelins

Sunday, March 13th, 2016

On March 15th, we are delighted to announce that Dr. Fiona Spiers, Head of the Heritage Lottery Fund, Yorkshire and the Humber will open the new “Gas Bags to Super Zeppelins” exhibition at the Yorkshire Air Museum. The opening will take place at 13:00pm and media are invited to attend. The Museum’s Eastchurch Kitten WWI bi-plane, designed as a ‘Zeppelin killer’, will be fired up to enhance the ceremony, along with the SE5a WWI fighter. 

The Yorkshire Air Museum received £10 000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) through its First World War: then and now programme, in support of a new exhibition which focuses on the development of the first airships and particularly their use during the First World War.

The exhibition tracks the development of lighter-than-air aviation from the balloons of the Montgolfier Brothers of 1783, to the super-sized airships of the late 1930’s. During the First World War, Schütte-Lanz and Zeppelin airships (taking the name from Count (Graf) Ferdinand von Zeppelin, the pioneer of German airships), were used to bomb the civilian population of Britain from the air for the first time in history, bringing terror from the sky. It shows the shock effects of this new type of warfare had on the people at that time. It also traces the post-war development of “Super Zeppelins” and their British equivalents, which were the largest of them all, culminating with the tragic and horrifying disasters as a result of the use of highly flammable hydrogen gas.

Through diary entries, audio recordings, video footage, photographs and original artefacts, “Gas Bags to Super Zeppelins” relates the memories and heritage of the people who lived through the First World War.

Commenting on the award, Museum Director Ian Reed said: “We are thrilled to have received the support of the Heritage Lottery Fund. The airship raids, which started, following the outbreak of war, in 1914 over Belgium and France, had the biggest impact on society than at any time before or since. British families had not experienced invasion for almost 1000 years. On 19 January 1915, the German Zeppelins delivered the first air attacks on Britain of the First World War. Without warning, British people were suddenly on the Front Line and defenceless. Thanks to National Lottery players, we have been able to bring to life existing records of people’s memories and experiences to tell the story of the ‘Wonder Ship’ of the First World War and also brought previously untold stories relevant to the Yorkshire Region. Our exhibition ‘Gas Bags to Super Zeppelins’ explores the social impact of the threat, the attacks and their repercussions as well as the desperate race to find a technological solution to defend our homes from aerial attack during the First World War.

Last Chance for Nightshoot Photography Event Tickets at Yorkshire Air Museum

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016

Douglas DC3

Following the huge success of the first Halifax bomber Nightshoot on March 2015, the Museum is delighted to announce another opportunity to photograph this iconic WWII bomber outdoors at night on the evening of Friday 18th March this year.

The timing of this event also allows us to mark the 75th anniversary of the first operational flight of the then brand new Halifax Mk I bomber, from nearby RAF Linton on Ouse on the night of 9th/10th March 1941. The Halifax went on to become one of the main aircraft of Bomber Command, taking the fight to the NAZI German industrial heartland.

The Museum’s amazing reconstruction, the only example in Europe and one of only two existing in the world, is of course marked in the decals of Halifax LV907 “Friday the 13th”, which became the most successful of all Halifax bombers surviving at least 128 missions, flying from RAF Lissett, East Yorkshire. Demand for this event is high once again and there are only a handful of tickets now remaining available, as the sales are strictly limited to 100.

As if this was not enough, the Nightshoot also offers the chance to photograph the WWII Douglas Dakota (live), the 1947 De Havilland Devon and, uniquely, the replica WWI Royal Aircraft Factory SE5a fighter, also live. The Dakota and SE5a will both be running their engines on the night, making for a truly tempting photographic challenge.

“As a result of the great success of last year’s Halifax Nightshoot, which was oversubscribed by enthusiastic photographers relishing the chance to capture this awesome aircraft in a night setting, we decided to offer another opportunity this year, which will not be repeated for a few years. The additional line up of aircraft, including the rare ‘live’ example of a WWI fighter, in the confines of this historic site, will provide a really interesting challenge for photography enthusiasts to get to grips with.”

The Nightshoot is bookable through at £60 per ticket to include two hot drinks and a Burger / Hot Dog & Chips.

Yorkshire Air Museum 2014 Events Programme

Saturday, January 25th, 2014

The Yorkshire Air Museum’s 2014 Events programme will be kick started, or rather prop swung, into action on Sunday 6th of April with the first of our Thunder Days. This event will see the first public engine start of the unique P.V. 8 Eastchurch Kitten WWI interceptor. The reproduction has been lovingly brought to life by the Aircraft Engineering Team, from the scraps of the earlier project to create a Kitten that arrived at the Museum in 1988.

On Thunder Day, the Kitten will be joined by our other live WWI bi-plane, the SE5a and the Douglas C47 / DC3 Dakota and the De Havilland Devon VIP Transport, making up the propeller contingent. Then it will be the turn of the jets, in the form of Blackburn Buccaneer XN974, Nimrod MR2 XV250 and last, but by no means least, the Handley Page Victor XL231 “Lusty Lindy”.

With 7 live aircraft on the ground, the event promises a lot of activity for everyone to enjoy. The show will be repeated on the first Sunday in June and August.

Other events are the ever popular Battlegroup North Military Vehicle Rally and Wargaming Show, complemented by various Living History display’s. This is the largest military vehicle rally in the North of England, which normally sees some 250 entries.

Another exciting event sees the amalgamation of the popular August Bank Holiday “Golden Era” Vintage Motorcycle Run, where some 70 pre 1931 machines gather splendidly, with an opportunity for some “Rolling Thunder”, as the Buccaneer, Nimrod and Victor get the chance to stretch their legs on Elvington’s long runway! A thrilling prospect made even more tempting by the fact that the Douglas Dakota may by this time be capable of taxying, fulfilling the final goal for this beautiful aircraft.

Memorial Events include the Royal British Legion Women’s Section Reunion, Service and Parade on Sunday 10th August and the annual Allied Air Forces Commemoration Day, this year marking a number of significant anniversaries, such as the WWI Centenary, 75th Anniversary of the outbreak of WWII, 70th Anniversary of D-Day and the Normandy Invasion and the 70th Anniversary of the formation of Elvington’s French Squadrons, giving us plenty to give thought to during the Parade, Service, Marchpast and Sunset Ceremony.

Remembrance Sunday brings to an end the programme of activities, with Services taking place at the French memorial, Elvington Village and at the YAM Station Chapel, with the following Wreath Laying ceremony in the Memorial Garden.


2nd March “Anti-Det” Running Day. Nimrod, Buccaneer, Devon, Dakota, SE5a. Victor (Dry or Wet start.)

6th April “Thunder Day”. On site engine runs of all ‘live’ aircraft: Propeller aircraft are: DH Devon (short taxy); Douglas Dakota; SE5a and first run of unique restored Eastchurch Kitten. The jets are: Blackburn Buccaneer XN974 (short taxy); Nimrod MR2 XV250 and Victor XL231 (Dry or Wet start, depending on fuel reserves.)

4th May Nimrod anti-det run.

10th / 11th May BATTLEGROUP NORTH. Annual Wargaming, Military Vehicle rally and Living History Show. Devon, Dakota, SE5a and Kitten engine runs.

1st June “Thunder Day”. As previous.

6th July Nimrod anti-det Run.

3rd August “Thunder Day”. As previous.

10th August Royal British Legion Women’s Section Re-union, Service and Parade. Dakota / Devon engine starts.

25th August “Golden Era” Vintage Motorcycle Run and Rolling Thunder! Another gathering of pre 1930 Vintage motorcycles which depart for a morning run, returning for public display. An added attraction will be the fast taxy runs of the Nimrod XV250 and Victor V-bomber XL231. An airfield viewing pass will be available to purchase for those wishing to get a closer view of these impressive and eagerly awaited aircraft in action. Possible Dakota taxy.

7th September Allied Forces Memorial Day. Annual Commemoration Service and Parade. Aircraft engine runs.

5th October “Anti-det” Running Day.

9th November Remembrance Sunday. Services at the French Memorial, Elvington Village and at the YAM Station Chapel. 11am and 13:30pm respectively. Wreath Laying Ceremony in Memorial Garden.

Note: Wherever possible, Main events will feature historic aircraft flypasts from the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight and / or private operators. These events may be charged at additional rates – (“Thunder Days” & Battlegroup North.)

The first Sunday of each month, excluding January and February, dependent on operational conditions, are set as “anti-deterioration” aircraft engine maintenance run days. Some, but not all, live aircraft will be powered up for testing.

For information see: or ring 01904 608595.