New exhibition plots the Fleet Air Arm’s post Cold War role around the world

Harrier GR9

Four iconic aircraft and nearly 40 years of changing world tensions are the focus for a new exhibition opening on July 19 at The National Museum of the Royal Navy’s Yeovilton-based Fleet Air Arm Museum.

Key aircraft include a Sea King (ZA298) two Harriers FRS1GR9 and ZD433 and a Lynx (XZ720) all of whom have experienced front line action in conflicts such as the Falklands, Gulf Wars, Bosnia and Afghanistan. They will be used to help explore how the Fleet Air Arm has operated in the theatre of war including some of the most difficult terrains on the planet and to tell the stories of the men and women who fly such aircraft and keep them airborne.

It will also examine the perhaps less obvious roles of the Royal Navy and the Fleet Air Arm including humanitarian assistance, civilian evacuations, anti-piracy and anti-drug patrols where the focus is on saving lives and upholding the rule of law.

Marc Farrance, General Manager from The National Museum of the Royal Navy, which owns the Fleet Air Arm Museum said: “The ending of the Cold War did not mean an end to the vital role played by the Fleet Air Arm. Instead it had to adapt and develop to meet the new demands made upon it in a constantly changing world. This exhibition tells the story of the part played by the Fleet Air Arm as the world moved from the era of Cold War politics in 1989, driven by the fear of nuclear war, into one dominated by international tensions, globalization and terrorist action.

“All in all, this exhibition will show how, in the post-Cold War era, the Fleet Air Arm has continued to provide air power from the sea in hazardous, diverse and complex operations around the world.”

Tickets are available on and include a 20% discount when purchased online.

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