Auster Project Progressing

Auster Newark Air Museum

Work on the Auster AOP.9 in Display Hangar 1 at Newark Air Museum is progressing. The nose cowlings and panels have been de-corroded and primed and fitted to the main fuselage frames; as has the cockpit glazing. At the rear of the fuselage similar work has been completed on the fin.

The internal restoration has also progressed, with the main instrument panels now refitted and installed. Work on the project is due to continue into the late autumn / winter months.

The Auster AOP.9 was originally moved out of deep storage at the museum and into Display Hangar 1 on 31st January 2012. A survey of the fuselage framework was then undertaken with a view to allowing the long-term restoration of the airframe. A set of wings for the project remain in storage at the museum.

The precise identity of the airframe has not been fully resolved. Examination of the manufactures plate on the aircraft gave a slightly confused picture about the military serials that it may have worn.

The main plate carries the following inscriptions:

B5-10-1185 issue 72 10-9-62

Elsewhere, a modification plate on the fuselage carries the following inscription:

AUS/R -10/74 or possibly AUS/R -10/174

The various suggested identities for the airframe still have not been fully resolved. XK381 or XS238 are believed to remain possibilities, while TA200 and XR238 have also been in the frame.

Any assistance in helping to resolve this particular AOP.9’s ‘identity crisis’ would be greatly appreciated; details can be sent in via the museum website at

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