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Praises Aplenty for RAF Cosford

Sunday, January 11th, 2015

Lancaster Bomber - Airscene Awards 2014

RAF Cosford have scooped two top slots in the Airscene Awards 2014…

Firstly the RAF Cosford Airshow, which failed to make the shortlist until last year when you voted it into 2nd place has this year been voted “Best Airshow” by Airscene visitors. Airscene reviewer Dave Briers praised RAF Cosford efforts to sort out previous years access and traffic issues, and cites the harnessing of resources such as the RAF Museum as contributing to the overall pull of Cosford…. “Organisation and Innovativion with a “Can & Will Do” attitude – that’s Cosford!“.

No change in the order of the top 3 for the Best Aviation Museum as RAF Cosford Museum hangs on to first place for the 2nd year running. Duxford stay in 2nd place while the Fleet Air Arm Museum stay in 3rd albeit with a lot less votes than 2013.

The most interesting battle always seems to come from the “Best FREE Airshow” award.. Bournemouth and Eastbourne both stay in the top 3 again this year, but it was the Devon faithful out in force this year to help secure the award for Dawlish Airshow.

Well done Dawlish! This is what a couple of your fans had to say…

This must be the best free show in UK! The bay is so picturesque and lends itself to this theme.The atmosphere is electric, many viewing spots for all to get a good angle on the show. Many restaurants and amenities so convenient for visitors. They come in droves! The town is very welcoming, good communications and on the spot railway station too.I have lived here 18 years and it has only rained once on the day but the show went on!” – Christine McCarthy

“What a venue with the planes coming over the hill from Teignmouth, awesome.” – Guy Bannister

In the Best Solo Display category it was the Typhoon which triumphed this year, with Vulcan XH558 and the RAF Chinook taking 2nd and 3rd place respectively (both having won this award in previous years).

Last but not least – the “Best Display Team”…

There has been so much commentary and an outpouring of emotion, not to mention silencing of crowds up and down the length of the UK; whenever the BBMF put in an appearance in 2014, as the public lapped up the sight of not one but two Lancaster Bombers flying side by side – truly a once in a lifetime event! So what happened here???

Well – the Red Arrows won again – that’s what, and for the 4th year in a row! BBMF grabbed 2nd place and The Blades came 3rd. This shouldn’t perhaps be a surprise as the Red Arrows are truly as British as Bangers & Mash, and in the good old game of Rock, Paper, Scissors – excitement beats nostalgia.

Maybe at the end of the day, the BBMF and the Canadian Lancaster needed a category of their own this year. So the award for the “Best Tugger of Heart Strings” goes to….

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