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Military Monitoring


Returning to Airscene after an absence of more than 2 years, our Military Monitoring page opens with Have Quick II.

Several future additions to this page are currently planned, with a small selection of content due to be added over the next few months.

Please be patient whilst this information is being put together.


Military Content:


Have Quick II

In 1980 the US developed a radio system designed to be jam proof and secure for USAF aircraft , known as Have Quick . The idea was that the transmitter and reciever would both be in sync and hop from one frequency to the next , meaning it would be difficult to monitor or jam any transmission unless you knew the frequencies they would be hopping to next . Have Quick II is an advancement on the original Have Quick system , in use by both the RAF and USAF . Although this system saw very little use initially , this has increased since 1995 , and it is believed to be used by AWACS aircraft , callsigns typically NATO & MAGIC , to communicate with fighter aircraft they are controlling . Monitoring of Have Quick II frequencies is not easy , many enthusiasts use more than one scanner with the frequencies spread between them , it is also very much dependant on activity on the day you are listening . One more thing to note is that the military change their frequencies quite regularly , what you find one day , may not necessarily be there the next day .

frequencies noted with Have Quick II activity >>>>>

231.350Mhz 232.150Mhz 240.400Mhz

245.725Mhz 246.950Mhz 252.925Mhz

254.450Mhz 263.325Mhz 263.575Mhz

264.500Mhz 276.425Mhz 278.425Mhz

283.850Mhz 283.875Mhz 291.250Mhz

292.425Mhz 300.725Mhz 306.500Mhz

308.550Mhz 310.075Mhz 310.9000Mhz

312.925Mhz 316.550Mhz 328.400Mhz

337.025Mhz 338.950Mhz 339.425Mhz

344.925Mhz 357.325Mhz 359.350Mhz

366.825Mhz 372.450Mhz 374.425Mhz

380.650Mhz 381.225Mhz 385.150Mhz

385.225Mhz 385.525Mhz 399.450Mhz