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Airscene 2019 Airshow Calendar Competition



01/05/18 - OPEN - scroll down for Entries and Results table and Rules

Airscene Calendar Competition League Table (Guide to the League Table HERE)

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 001 The Blades - Dunsfold 2017
002 Phantom - RIAT 2017
003 Thunderbirds - RIAT 2017
Harry McBride (Blandford Forum) UK
Les Darby (Staines) UK
Chloe Stanyer (Wednesbury) UK
004 P-52 Mustang - RIAT  2017
005 Red Arrows - Old Warden 2017
006 DH60 Moth - Old Warden 2017
Mike Cleaver (Walsall) UK
Neil Darby (Tilehurst) UK
Adrian Glazzard (Woking) UK
007 Reds Arrows - Duxford 2017
008 Fouga Magister - RIAT 2017
009 Sukhoi SU-27 - RIAT 2017
Jonathan Wintle (Manchester) UK
Mike Moodie (Ammanford) UK
Lewis Wiffen (Biggleswade) UK
010 Mustang & Mig - Ayreshire 2017
011 Red Arrows - RIAT 2017
012 B25 Mitchell - Reading 2017
Cathy Lovell (Peebles) UK
Andrew Critchell (Sidcup) UK
Ora Lassila (Hollis) US
013 Airbus A400M - RIAT 2017
014 Red Arrows - Biggin HIll 2017
015 P-51 Mustang - Abingdon 2017
Ian Schofield (London) UK
Trevor Carpenter (Fareham) UK
Treflyn Lloyd-Roberts (Reading) UK
016 Mig-21 - Radom 2017
017 Hurricane - Old Warden 2017
018 Mirage - RIAT 2017
Paul Harvey (Ballyclare) UK
Neil Hutchinson (Leicester) UK
Lee Chapman (Rugeley) UK
019 Bronco OV-10 - Southport 2017
020 Patrulla Aspa - Bordeaux 2017
021 Spitfire - Dunsfold 2017
Roger Green (Southport) UK
Peter Busby (Colombiers) France
Ken Brannen (Reading) UK
022 Hurricane - RIAT 2017
023 Tornado - RIAT 2017
024 B17 'Sally B' - Scampton 2017
Ryan Baker (Reading) UK
Matt Fisher (Wilberfoss) UK
Andrew Evans (Chesterfield) UK
025 Tornado - RIAT 2017
026 Mirage - RIAT 2017
027 SU-27 pair - RIAT 2017
Mike Grundy (Chelford) UK
Weiwei Wang (Harlow) UK
Tim Felce (Baldock) UK
028 Red Arrows - Yeovilton 2017
029 Mi-17 - Biggin Hill 2017
030 Tornado - Cosford 2017
Robert Griffiths (Swansea) UK
Martin Stichener (Croydon) UK
Ian Garfield (Wolverhampton) UK
031 Red Arrows - Scampton 2017
032 Su-27 - RIAT 2017
033 Spitfire - Shuttleworth 2018
Carl Wrightson (Keysoe Row West) UK
Matthew Robinson (Oldbury) UK
Tim Felce (Baldock) UK
034 Spitfire - Shuttleworth 2018
035 Hawker Duo - Shuttleworth 2018
Adrian Glazzard (Woking) UK
Treflyn Lloyd-Roberts (Reading) UK

Results Table:



1) Entries may only be sent via email to 2019cc@airscene.co.uk - see rules 3c and 3d for CLOSING DATES...

2) Each entry must be accompanied by the entrants name and address OR mailing list number plus aircraft/airshow details.

3) Each entrant (1 per household) may submit a maximum of 3 entries for shortlisting (subject to rules 3a and 3b)

3a) Phase 1 (Early entry phase) - submitted entries MUST have been taken during the 2017 airshow season. (1 entry) - CLOSED

3b) Phase 2 (Main phase) - submitted entries MUST have been taken during the 2018 airshow season. (2 entries) ***No more than 1 entry may be permitted in any calendar month***

3c) Phase 1 closing date is 30th April 2018. Shortlisting will be carried out in April - maximum 50 entries will be shortlisted. - CLOSED

3d) Phase 2 closing date is 30th September 2018 (Noon). Shortlisting will typically be carried out on an ad-hoc basis. (May to September).

3e) There will be an allocation of 20 shortlist places each month, however these will be carried over to the next month if unused. The cummulative maximum number of entries that will be shortlisted at the end of each month is as follows: April = 50, May = 70, June = 90, July = 110, August = 130, September = 150 (maximum number of places on shortlist).

4) Entry subject matter is limited to:

4a) Static or display aircraft as observed from the ground (or crowd seating) at an Airshow or event with a scheduled air display

4b) Aircraft at a scheduled aviation museum event (e.g. Bruntingthorpe Cold War Jets Day)

4c) Aircraft at a Museum

(Nightshoot Photography will not be accepted)

*For clarification - entries are accepted if they have been taken at a public airshow or any publicised event with a scheduled air display, and must be searchable on the internet.

**Air to Air photography will not be accepted.

5) Entries which are "too similar" to an earlier shortlisted entry OR the winning (1st Place) entry in any previous Airscene calendar competition, will not be eligible for shortlisting. Entrants who submit an entry that is too similar will be invited to submit a suitable alternative (subject to meeting competition deadlines). (Previous CC winners can be found HERE)

6) Entries must be a minimum of 1MB in size. The calendar uses a 2 x 1 landscape format (2250px * 1125px), therefore this is the recommended format for submission. Due to confusion in previous years and to ensure all entries are rated equally - this is now the only format which will be accepted. Please ensure a minimum file size of 2250 x 1125 pixels or larger.

(2* 1 ratio used for calendar)

This competition is open to anyone (amateurs and professionals alike) and regardless of location. however:

7) No entry should be submitted which:

7a) has been submitted in any other photography competition past or present

7b) is available for SALE at any time prior to the respective closing dates for each phase and in any physical form e.g. print, canvas, mousepad, t-shirt, mug.....

7c) Is available for licence on a professional websites such as Getty (or simillar news / media website)

*note images available for licence on public photo sharing websites such as flickr or 500px are OK.

7d) was taken as part of a commissioned shoot

7e) has been published in a magazine, book, calendar or similar.

7f) was taken earlier than 1st January 2017 (Early Entry Phase - CLOSED) OR 1st January 2018 (Main Phase).

Please note that entries which were taken as part of a burst, and therefore virtually indistinguishable from any image -
OR are a derivative of an image (i.e background replaced whilst subject matter remains) -
will be treated as the same as any image as described above.

8) Any entries found to breach rule 7) OR found not to be the work of the entrant (stolen or otherwise) will be disregarded and the entrant banned from further participation. Airscene will not tolerate cheating and will treat all information provided in relation to such breaches very seriously. In cases of copyright theft Airscene will pass the entrants details upon request to the other parties legal representative.

You agree to fully indemnify Airscene in respect of all royalties, fees and any other monies owing to any person or body by reason of Your breaching any of the competition rules.

9) Prize winners contact details will only be passed on to competition sponsors for the purpose of delivering prizes. Airscene DOES NOT share your contact details with 3rd parties in accordance with the Data Protection Act. Your details will however be added to the Airscene mailing list in order to provide competition updates and news.

10) Entries from outside of the UK are welcomed of course, however Airscene will NOT guarantee prizes to anyone outside of the UK. Non UK entries will still receive points and receive appropriate credit inaccordance with all other rules of this competition. Prizes which are marked with (UK) are available only to winners in the UK. Prize distribution will be subject to this restriction.

11) Confirmation of prize winners addresses MAY be requested prior to any prize distribution, however it is the responsibility of the entrant to update Airscene in advance of the allocation or prizes.

12) Judging process: All entries received go through 2 judging phases. Initially each entry received will be *evaluted by Airscene and displayed on this page if succesfully shortlisted. Entrants will be notified. Finally after the close of the competition (30th September 2018) all entries will be judged by a panel of 8 judges, each awarding points to the 12 entries they consider to be the best. The 12 entries with the highest number of points will all appear in the 2019 Airscene Calendar, and prizes awarded as per the prize list below. Selected entries may also appear in the Airscene 2019 photobook.

13) Judges: This years panel will consist of representatives from our sponsors and up to 3 Airscene judges - to be confirmed.

14) Airscene rights to reproduction of submitted (and subsequently shortlisted) entries is non-exclusive and strictly limited to promoting the Airscene competition, and no other purpose, than as stated in rule 12 above. All reproduced entries will be credited. Airscene competition partners will be granted no usage rights whatsoever by Airscene. Any usage requests which arise in addition to those specified in rule 12 above will be referred to the entrant who will be free to negotiate license terms with the third party independently of the competition.

15) Family members and relatives of either sponsors or judges are not permitted to enter.

16) Airscene Airshow Reviewers (does not include those who review only FREE Airshows) - are not eligible to win tickets for airshows or other events which may be provided to reviewers upon request whilst acting on behalf of Airscene. All such prizes will be marked (R).The reviewer is still eligible to win other prizes (e.g. merchandise) offered by the Airshow or event.

*Note that evaluating for shortlist is often carried out in batches (usually at weekends), and as such you may not be notified for a week or two after submission.

17) Prizes (subject to change as more prizes are received). Free advertising/showcase on Airscene is subject to suitability for a family audience.

1st Prize

£200 voucher (to include p&p) courtesy of Key Publishing Ltd

Royal International Air Tattoo - pair of public entry tickets for  RIAT 2019 (R)(UK)(£110)

Family tickets to Museum of Berkshire Aviation (valued at £8.50 each)(UK)

2nd Prize

£125 voucher (to include p&p) courtesy of Key Publishing Ltd

Pair of tickets for RNAS Yeovilton Air Day 2019 (R)(UK)(60)

Family tickets to Museum of Berkshire Aviation (valued at £8.50 each)(UK)

3rd Prize

£50 voucher (to include p&p) courtesy of Key Publishing Ltd

Pair of tickets for RAF Cosford Air Show 2019 courtesy of RAF Cosford Airshow (R)(UK)(£58)

Family tickets to Museum of Berkshire Aviation (valued at £8.50 each)(UK)

1st runner up prize

Family ticket (2 adults and up to 3 children) for Dunsfold "Wings & Wheels 2019" (R) (UK)(65)

2nd runner up prize

family ticket to Newark Air Museum (valued at £24) (UK)

3rd runner up prize

family ticket to Newark Air Museum (valued at £24) (UK)

4th, 5th & 6th runner up prize

RAF100  Appeal Mug by Emma Bridgewater - courtesy of RAF Museum Cosford(UK)(20)

*Note that if any individual is placed more than once on the prize board, they will be awarded ONLY the highest place prize.

Public Vote: £50 voucher courtesy of Timeline Events

This prize will NOT be available to anyone winning one of the top 3 prizes, and will be determined by public votes e.g. Likes & Favourites on Facebook & Twitter. Anyone found canvassing for votes will be nilled.

One More Competition:

Prizes confirmed but not yet allocated to Prize Board: