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Airscene Calendar Competition League Table Guide


Following requests to explain the Airscene Calendar Competition League Table, I have decided to provide the following short guide.

First of all it is worth explaining that the information on the table cannot be viewed correctly if "opened" from the download link. TO view correctly choose the "save as" option and then open the spreadsheet from excel.

Now that you have opened the spreadhseet in excel you see that the table is presented with the names in alphabetical order, but you will notice a bunch of figures highlighted in blue or green - lets make sense of them.

Now place your cursor on the letter 'L' and left click once. Next (on your standard toolbar) you will see an icon with a 'Z' above an 'A' (when you hover over this icon it says 'sort descending') - click this icon - click 'expand the selection'. Great - you can now see under column 'L' the points awarded to all those who scored in the 2011 Calendar Competition. You can also do the same with the columns titled 2007cc, 2008cc, 2009cc, and 2010cc.

*NOTE - this is the total points each entrant received (Andrew Gudgin for example came 3rd in the competition with 27 points however his second entry scored 15 giving him a total of 42 points).

Before we move on I should point out that this table shows everyone who has ever scored even a single point in any of the Airscene calendar competitions. Entrants who did not get awarded any points will show as '0'. In addition entrants on the sheet who did not enter that year also show as '0'.

OK - lets move on... Do the same with the column titled 'RT4'. The RT columns show the 'running totals' - or the total number of points awarded to each entrant across all the calendar competitions they have entered.

The 'RT4' column shows us that Ian Schofield currently has the highest running total, and replaced Simon Marston who had the highest running total for the 2 previous years.

Finally the Ranking columns... on the spreadsheet you will see 3 - 'Ranking 09', 'Ranking 10' and 'Ranking 11'.

These columns reflect the points accumulated over the 2 most recent calendar competitions, and provides us with a ranking table similar to those used in a number of sports. The table shows that Ron Gafney and Stuart Brown are at the top of the ranking coming into the 2012 Calendar Competition, closely followed by Neil Darby. 4 people from the 'Ranking 10' column have now dropped out of the top 10.

The Ranking column could just be a reflection of the results from the last 2 years or may be taken as an indication of those who might be expected to do well (the favourites) in the next competition. I havent made my mind up so I shall leave you to decide how you wish to interpret it.

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