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Kemble Airshow 2009

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This years Kemble Airshow was staged over 2 days for the first time. Saturdays weather was not too bad with sunshine and cloud (and the odd spot of rain). First up was the display Hawk from the Royal Air Force. The display was another superbly polished act, finishing with a vertical climb. The Hawk looks absolutely stunning in this years colours, with the trademark "black hawk" having a Uniion Jack tearing out of the paintwork.

Kemble Airshow 2009 - RAF Hawk
Kemble Airshow 2009 - Guinot Wingwalkers
Next up was the ever popular Team Guinot, flying with just a 2 ship formation at this years show. The girls wowed the crowd with their aerial antics. At the end of the display the girls detached themselves from their harnesses and climbed back into the cockpit.Team Guinot also had their trade stand at the show - handing out free sun cream. This year see the final year sponsored by the Guinot company.
Another of the Royal Air Force favourites were on display. The Red Arrows only appeared on saturday. The crowd were treated to the legendary tight formation flying that the Reds are renowned for.
Kemble Airshow 2009 - Red Arrows
Kemble 2009 - Canberra PR9
A personal favourite of mine also made an appearance. This Canberra PR9, based at Kemble, did a couple of taxi runs up and down the runway. Kemble is home to many classic jets, which include a Buccaneer, Gnats, Hunters and a few Canberras. It is also home to "Ultimate High"; an advanced aerobatics company, who offer the chance to dogfight in a Bulldog aircraft. Ultimate High took part in the airshow, displaying their Extra's and Bulldogs.
It was great to see what was rumoured as being the Golden Apple Trusts F86 Sabres' final season in the UK. The iconic jet was flown superbly, and I recall the commentator pointed out that US soldiers in the Korean War used to look out for the black smoke which the Sabre pumped out as recognition - "If there's black smoke, its one of ours". During the Korean campaign the Sabre fought against Mig 15's , which looked very similar. The pilot really showed how manouverable the aircraft was during his display.
Kemble 2009 - F86 Sabre
Kemble 2009 - Dehavilland Sea Vixen

Another undoubted star of the show was the Dehavilland Sea Vixen, which was displayed with total precision. Considering it weighs around 20 tonnes, the pilot made it look very agile indeed.

There were too many acts to comment on, but needless to say Kemble 2009 was a great airshow. With its mixture of old and new jets, piston engines and helicopters, there was something for everyone. A big thumbs up to the organisers, and I for one can't wait for next years show. Bring on 2010!

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