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This Showcase page has been built to provide a venue whereby talented aviation photographers may showcase some of their work to aviation enthusiasts.

At the same time providing you, the aviation enthusiast, with a window on the work of those aforementioned aviation photographers, and the opportunity to purchase aviation photographs you may not other wise have come across.

Many of the photographers found on this page have earned themselves a year long showcase by making it into the top 6 on the 2008 Airshow Calendar competition. Likewise the winners of the Airscene Photographer of the Year competition will also feature here.

However entry onto this page is not restricted only to winners of one of our competitions, as such it is being opened to contributors to Airscene..

So if you are an aviation photographer wishing to showcase your talent here, submit an article for review to webmaster@airscene.co.uk.

Airscene showcases will be open to non-aviation photographers who are placed in the top 3 in this years calendar competition. The non-aviation showcase section will appear below the aviation showcases.



Jonathan Wintle

To purchase photos from this photographer please CLICK HERE

3rd place in the Airscene 2016 Calendar competition.

Hi, I’m Jonathan Wintle, Photographer specialising in Aviation, Wildlife and Pet Photography based in the North West.

I can be contacted directly through my website, so feel free to drop me a line. All my work is available to purchase and is spread across my Website (see link on the right).


Dave Briers

To purchase photos from this photographer please CLICK HERE

Runner up in the Airscene 2011 Calendar competition.

An unashamed Nikon only user, Dave is one of the leading airshow reviewers for Airscene. Dave can't help but be around aircraft and when not running around for Airscene he is busy working on projects for Air Frames Imaging. (see link on right)

In addition to carrying out air display and airshow reviews, Air Frames Imaging offer a variety of specialist services including but not limited to Media & PR Photography, Restoration Projects (photographic records) and Technical Photography (manuals and notes).


Lee Chapman

To purchase photos from this photographer please CLICK HERE

3rd Runner up in the Airscene 2017 Calendar competition.

Lee Chapman is from Rugeley, Staffordshire and enjoys all types of photography. He has experienced some success with his wildlife images, but more recently he has started to specialise in Aviation.

His pictures have been utilised on numerous websites most notably he has provided images for the Historic Aircraft Collection's official website. His photographs can also be seen alongside the reviews he has provided for Airscene.


Ken Brannen

To purchase photos from this photographer please CLICK HERE

Winner of the Airscene 2014 Airshow Calendar competition.

Hi, I`m an aviation photographer with a keen interest in military aviation hardware from around the world including modern day fast jets and classic warbirds, even though I don't leave England that much I can still see most aircraft at the UK shows and in the LFA`s Been photographing low level action for around 4 years now.


Ian Schofield
No Photo yet

To purchase photos from this photographer please Click Here

Winner of the Airscene 2011 Calendar competition. 2nd in the 2008 and 2014 Airscene calendar competitions.

Ian Schofield is a born and bred Mancunian now living in London, UK.

Interest in aviation started at a young age living a few miles from Manchester Airport.

Ian has been published in Magazines and Newspapers with images also used by the Airlines.

Images cover Civil, Military and Vintage Aircraft.


No Photo yet

To purchase photos from this photographer please Click Here

Winner of the Airscene 2019 Calendar competition.

Hi, I'm Lewis Wiffen from Biggleswade, a keen photographer of Aviation, Wildlife, Travel and Food.

I have had an interest in Aviation as far back as I can remember, then in 2010 a friend introduced me into the world of photography and now I love putting them together.


Harry McBride

To purchase photos from this photographer please Click Here

Runner up in the Airscene 2014 Calendar competition.

Harry McBride was born in Plymouth but now lives in Kent. He took early retirement in 2012 from a position as a senior scientist working in the medical diagnostics field.

A keen photographer from an early age he now hopes to use his retirement to improve and expand his skills particularly in the areas of aviation and nature photography. 

Non-Aviation Showcases


Su Bradley

To purchase photos from this photographer please Click Here

Airscene Prize winner.

I’m Su Bradley from Folkestone, Kent. I been taking photographs using compacts and disposables ever since I was a kid, but I bought my first “proper” camera, a Nikon Coolpix P100, in March 2010, a Nikon D5100 two years later, and finally, last year, a Nikon S9500 to complete the collection.

My photographic loves are animals, especially the big cats at Wildlife Heritage Foundation at Smarden, Kent, and classic American cars. I am addicted to HDR and will run practically anything through Photomatix just to see if it “works”. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t, but I cannot resist an angry, stormy looking sky even if it was a beautifully sunny day.