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Aviation Magazines

RAF Official Annual Review 2019   RAF Salute - Tornado
Produced by Key Publishing with exclusive access to the Royal Air Force, and featuring articles written with and by RAF personnel. This 132-page special magazine providing behind the scenes insight into the aircraft, equipment, people and operations of one of the world’s premier air forces, in its centenary year.
The official RAF Salute 2019  pays tribute to the aircraft, its crews, maintainers, and engineers, with breath-taking imagery, first-hand accounts and other anecdotes, gathered from special interviews and rarely seen squadron archives. This 100-page special issue is a must-have souvenir tribute to a true RAF icon.
US Navy & Marine Corps 2019   Airforces of the World
Welcome to the 2019 edition of the US Navy and Marine Corps Air Power Yearbook. This annual bookazine aims to deliver a roundup of the most exciting action from the ranks of two of the world’s premier air arms including insightful interviews and reporting from the cutting edge of naval aviation.
The 2nd edition of AirForces of the World, from the makers of AirForces Monthly and AirForces Intelligence, brings coverage of Europe's naval air power. From carrier-based fast jets to fixed-wing maritime patrol aircraft and helicopters, the region’s maritime air components are reviewed in detail in this 100-page special publication.
RAF Salute - History and Heroism   F35 Lightning II
After countless hours of work, the massive redevelopment of the RAF Museum’s Hendon site is almost complete. This impressive £26 million overhaul, which explores the first 100 years of the RAF and its roles today, is detailed in this 100-page Official Royal Air Force Publication.
Many of those associated with Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II programme have referred to this revolutionary fighter aircraft as a game changer. This 100-page special from the team behind Combat Aircraft magazine details the F-35’s journey to date.
Aviation Photographers   Luftwaffe over Britain
This first, landmark issue of Aviation Photographer harnesses the passion of aviation photography from around the world. Over 116 high-quality pages, the most eminent photographers take you inside their thought process and share the stories behind some of the most breath-taking aviation images ever produced.
Almost as soon as war was declared, the Luftwaffe began to mount air operations against the British Isles with the first attacks in any force taking place as early as October 1939. From then on, almost right around to the end of the war in Europe, German air activity against the country continued almost unabated.
MiG   Concorde - Supersonic Legend
From Artem Mikoyan’s 25hp Oktyabrenok of 1937 to the Mach 2.8-capable MiG-31 Foxhound and the next generation of 21st Century MiG-35s, this 100-page special publication is a tribute to the designers, engineers and crews who have created, operated and flown the most famous of Soviet military aircraft.
Brought to you by the award-winning team behind Airliner World, Concorde - Supersonic Legend celebrates the 50th anniversary of one of the most iconic aircraft to have ever taken flight. This 100-page special publication turns the clock back to bring you the very best from the glory days of supersonic air travel.