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Aviation Books


A selection of aviation books from our regular competition sponsors.

British Aircraft of World War One
This book features a potted history of the British aircraft that were involved in World War One. It includes the fighters, bombers and reconnaissance aircraft that contributed to the iconic events between 1914 and 1918.    

The story is supported by high-quality images of surviving, reproduction, replica and restored aircraft. BUY NOW

Allied Aircraft of D-Day
The 1944 Allied invasion of France was a combined effort with land- and sea-based forces supported by a huge aerial task force, which included legendary aircraft  such as the Spitfire, Mosquito, Dakota and Mustang.    

This book features many of the aircraft types that were involved in the operations surrounding the Normandy invasion. BUY NOW

Aviation History
Enrich your knowledge of aviation and add a different perspective to your own flight endeavors by exploring aviation history from its birth in Annonay, France in 1783 until the present.

Ten exciting chapters are packed with information, over 950 photographs and color graphics. BUY NOW

RAF Aircraft of the Battle of Britain
A photographic guide to surviving planes from the Battle of Britain. The Battle of Britain is widely considered to be Britain's finest hour.
The story is told using over 150 photographs of surviving and restored aircraft in the air, on the ground and in unique formations together. BUY NOW

Abbreviations, Anacronyms and Alphabets of Aviation
Intended for anyone who reads aviation literature, this guide contains over 12,000 shorthand expression used in aviation, past and present. The coverage is inclusive of general and technical terms, civil and military, aeronautical, commercial, mechanical, medical, meteorological, operational, and organizational terms — as related to aviation. BUY NOW

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