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Aviation Photobooks

Airscene 2015 Photobook   Awesome Aircraft



Airscene reviewer Neil Darby releases his first photobook comprising some of his best images from the last 12 months or so...

Winner of the 2012 Airscene calendar competition & the Aviation Photographer of the Year competition in 2008, Neil's technical ability is shown to its fullest in this book.

Author: Neil Darby

Airscene 2014 Photobook   Airscene 2013 Photobook

A selection of entries from the 2014 Airscene Airshow Calendar Competition..

This years photobook see's the aircraft arranged by category; .e.g. bi-planes, display teams, ww2, helicopters etc... Front cover image is by Lukasz Gancarz.

Author: Airscene


A selection of entries from the 2013 Airscene Airshow Calendar Competition..

In the previous two photobooks, the selected entries were arranged by aircraft type. This year saw the images arranged alphabetically by airshow. This format will be kept in next years Photobook too.

Author: Airscene

Airscene 2012 Photobook   Airscene 2011 Photobook

57 entries from the Airscene 2012 Airshow Calendar Competition made it into this years photobook.

This years photobook took longer than usual to prepare due to tough decisions regarding which entries to exclude from the book, cover image this year by David Cook, who also scooped 2nd prize.

Author: Airscene (available until 31/03/15 - softcover only)


89 entries from the Airscene 2011 Airshow Calendar Competition grace the 80 pages of this photobook.

Not everyone who entered could appear in the book, some appear twice and I have even included a few of my favourite entries from those that didnt make the shortlist for one reason or another.

Author: Airscene (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

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