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Bournemouth Airshow 2009



The day had arrived and with baited breath and an overcast sky we set off for our day at the Bournemouth Air Show. The weather was indeed dismal, and we were wondering what the day would bring. Good fortune was with us and as we travelled west the rain began to subside and a flicker of sunshine began peeping through the clouds.

Kemble Airshow 2009 - RAF Hawk
Kemble Airshow 2009 - Guinot Wingwalkers
The nearer we got to Bournemouth the clearer the sky became, and as we approached the venue the clouds disappeared and we were left with a lovely sunny day. We parked in one of the many “park & ride” fields and were then transported to the East cliff area, where we had a short walk to the “media” area provided by the event organisers. Our vantage point was on the cliff right next to the cable car and central to all the action.

The first of the events “ a surprise to us because we hadn’t purchased a program” was a wonderful mock beach landing from an assault craft by The Royal Marines, who proceeded to eliminate two dissident positions ensconced on the beach.

The show continued with a pair of Sukhoi SU26's (Red Bull Matadors Display Team) piloted by Steve Jones and Paul Bonhomme. This was a privilege indeed for Bournemouth Airshow as The Matadors only display at a few select venues each season.

Kemble Airshow 2009 - Red Arrows
Kemble 2009 - Canberra PR9
Shortly after they had finished, the Team Guinot bi-planes appeared from the east with a wing walker on each, diving and climbing the planes twisted and turned, the bravery of the girls on the wings was unquestionable, particularly as one of the planes even flew upside down and the girls tried to touch hands, phew.

The show continued with a ten minute fly by from the Battle of Britain flight, as always a very popular sight, a look back to the older planes for the younger element and a touch of real nostalgia for us oldies, if they ever stop flying it will indeed by a sad day, lets hope the voluntary funds continue to keep it airborne.

Hot after the Lancaster came the B17 flying Fortress, looked after by wonder lady Elly Sallingboe whose husband passed away and she promised to keep it airbourne for him, what an impressive aircraft it is, bristling with weaponry; a formidable plane in it’s time.

Kemble 2009 - F86 Sabre

There were several other displays including The Yakovlevs display team, Eurofighter Typhoon and the RAF Falcons, but my personal favourite has to be the AVRO Vulcan bomber, what a superb aircraft it is with its delta wing configuration and those extremely powerful Rolls Royce Olympus engines.

Costing several million pound to restore it still relies on generous donations to keep it flying and to help toward the cost of flying it at air shows.

I myself marvel at the size of it and the way in which it seems to almost hover as it passes overhead, and the engines make your chest rumble. Please do your bit to help by making a donation at http://www.vulcantothesky.org.

With crowds reaching upwards of 40,000 Bournemouth Airshow proved to be a wonderful and popular Airshow. A testament to the organiser’s ability to arrange a show that matched if not beat Bournemouth’s rivals Eastbourne, was that every one we spoke to said that they can’t wait until the next one at Bournemouth. Lets just hope the burgers are a little cheaper.

Review by Airscene (Colin)
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