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Duxford VE Day Airshow 2015



Sunday of the VE day anniversary air show at duxford, was the second day of their first show of the year , it had a real mixture of aircraft from first WW1 through to the latest in the Euro fighter typhoon. The day started with some sunshine , but by the time the show started it had become quite cloudy with threats of showers .





To open the show it was three of the WW 1 aircraft the Neiuport 17 Bristol f2b fighter and the Be2.These were followed by three of the WW2 fighters for the first part of the VJ salutes in the form of, FG1 Corsair FM2wildcat and P40 warhawk, all from the fighter collection.

Next up it was the VE day salute in the form of two formations one of six ac the other a three ship. The first was B17 sally B three Mustangs the P40 and Wildcat, followed by Plain Sailings Catalina ,C47 skytrain, and a Beech 18.

After a couple of passes in formations the three mustangs broke away to make up the second part of the VJ salute which resulted in a well performed tail chase.

Next to display was SallyB as a tribute to the bombers,after a superb display by SallyB, it was the turn of the first of the jets to take to the sky in the shape and sound of the gloster meteor T7for a very spirited display.

The DH Beaver of arco and the little cosmic wind of pete Kinsey were up next to display. After these it was time for the duxford debut of the Bristol Blenheim mk1 in formation with two mk 1a Spitfires,it was a really spectacular sight to see these in the sky together for the first time.

Also representing the early years of the war was a good mix of aircraft which comprised of Gladiator the Hawker Fury which was making its first airshow appearance , Two Spartan Executives , fighter collections Staggerwing , and the Travel air mystery ship.

It was then the turn of the very spirited and close flying Red Bull Matadors to wow the crowds. This was followed by two aircraft that were used for communications and navigation training by the RAF and the Navy the Avro anson and the Dragon Rapide.

Then came the final display at Duxford of the Sea king from 22 sqdn at wattisham prior to disbandment. A spirited display by Richard Grace in the Yak3was followed by something a little more sedate in the form of Fiesler Storch with Peter Holloway ,Piper L4 cub ,and Auster 5j1 autocrat with Mark Miller that weaved around the sky .

The Catalina from plain sailing was the final item from the war birds to display as a salute to VE day. It was now the turn of the modern army and air force to take to the skies, the first of these was the Apache pair display, from 3 regiment army air corp at wattisham this is a new display for this season and was a superb display .

Next was the ever popular Typhoon demo with a special tail design from 29Rsquadron at conningsby which is one the best yet. To finish the show it was the Royal Air Force Red Arrows who had to fly their flat display due to the cloud base within the area.

I think anybody that attended the VE day shows, would agree that they were excellent, with a superb mixture of aircraft formations not seen before. A very well done to duxford for achieving this.


Review by Les Darby

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