Airscene Administration

This page is provided for authorised users of Airscene services for the purposes of adding news items to Airscene content.

Authorised users of Airscene services include Airshows, Aviation Museums and Air Force bands.

If your organisation would like authorisation please email providing details of your organisation, events and/or products.


Airscene News

News instructions


















News instructions

*Please note that to keep costs down to mobile phone users, the inclusion of images is not currently permitted in news items. Please post using only the method described below - DO NOT add additional formatting.

After clicking on the News link you will be presented with the main News page, showing the most recent news items added. Scroll down and click on "Log in"

Enter your user ID and password, then click the Log in button

Click on Write

Enter the title of your article in the Title box, and press <Enter>... To avoid the need to edit the resulting permalink; do not include punctuation in your title

Editing the permalink: Click on Edit at the right of the permalink - In the permalink box, edit your title manually to contain only text with a dash between each word - finally click Save

Click on the "kitchen sink" icon (brings up new set of icons underneath)

Click on the "Text" icon

Either write OR paste the content of your article in the pop up box, when you are done click on Insert

Your articles will now appear in the main Post area, however weblinks (URL's) will not be active... to make them active; place your cursor to the immediate right of your link, press <Enter> and then press <Backspace> ... your link will now be active

Enter the tags you have been provided with in the Tags box (separated by commas) then click on Add

Place a tick in the category box relevant to your news item (please ensure only 1 box is ticked)

If your news item is complete - click on Publish for immediate publication (you may also set a future date for publication of your news item - see below)

If your news item is incomplete: click on Save (item may be completed later before publishing)

Setting a future date: click on Edit, edit the date and time you desite for publication of your news item, then click on Publish

Your news item has now been published (or scheduled for publication) and you may now Log off... (Read on for Editing and Deleting posts)

Use the Manage link (instead of Write) to select and edit any of your previous posts. Click on Save when you have finished editing eash post